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A Brief History of Scoil Eoin

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Scoil Eoin today can trace it's origins back to the Liberties of Dublin in the year 1777.

The Penal Laws were in force and many people were living in great poverty.
Children were unable to attend school or often there were no schools.
A local priest saw how bad things were and decided to do something
to improve the lives of the children in the area.

He founded John's Lane School which was against the laws of the land
at that time. His name was Dr. William Gahan, O.S.A.
The school was a shed with two rooms rented for £5 a year.
It stood on part of the present day site of John's Lane Church.
In 1874 the School came under the Board of Education,
something like our present day Department of Education.

In 1895 the then manager of the school Fr. Anderson, O.S.A.
introduced the teaching of Irish which did not please the Board of Education.
Among his friends were many who would later become famous in the fight
for the freedom of Ireland.
These include Padraig Pearse, Arthur Griffith, Maude Gonne,
who visited the school
to hear the boys and girls speaking Irish,
Eoin McNeill and Douglas Hyde, first President of Ireland.

In 1913 the existing school buildings on the site were built.
In the 1930s a night school for adults was established.
Classes in social studies, music and drama were given.
Women who were past pupils of John's Lane School were offered classes in
cookery, dress-making and childcare.
Classes were given voluntarily by staff members from the Academy of Music,
Sion Hill College and Cathal Brugha College.

School invoice from October 1907

From 1913 until the mid 60’s the school continued as a local national school
catering for the children of the area.
In 1967 due to falling numbers it was suggested the school be reorganised
to cater for children with mild learning difficulties. It opened as such
in September 1968. The number of children increased every year thereafter.

In the early 1970s the student numbers greatly increased and the school could not
provide the space or facilities required so the decision was made to move to our
present location here in Crumlin. We have expanded further since our arrival here
(see Location) and now occupy premises on both sides of Armagh Road.

Extract from School Register June 1904.

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